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About Us

Most Christians know the bible story of the Samaritan Women, also known as the “Woman at the Well.” One of the elements that drew members of our congregation to Orthodoxy is that there is so much about the Christian faith that we never learned. In the case of this powerful story found in John 4, Jesus didn’t just speak to an anonymous woman who had led a life of poor choices. On the contrary, He offered Living Water to a woman who, along with her family, left their home and went on to became great evangelists in Carthage (Africa) and later Rome itself. Her name was Photini. Her life and ministry are celebrated annually by Orthodox around the world on the “Sunday of the Samaritan Woman” following Pashca (Easter). Read more here. There is story after story like this. The Bible has literally come to life for us. These saints and many more believers make up the “cloud of witnesses” noted in the book of Hebrews (12:1).

So, one of the things you would discover when visiting a service is that we seek to not only worship in spirit and truth, but the very fullness of it. Mind, heart, and body are part of how we worship. Guests need not worry about what that means or what should be done. You can follow along with the help of one of our brand new service guidebooks. You also could ask anyone any question.

Orthodox spirituality will invite you to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, to cultivate a life of prayer, to read the Bible, to give your life and resources away … in short, to be made new. That’s what we pray you find when you worship with us.

Thanks for visiting our website. Whether it would be your first time or stopped by in the past, we’d love to have you visit a service. We’ve added new chandeliers, beautiful icons, an elevator to reach all floors, and a totally renovated kitchen and fellowship hall. Oh yes, and the parishioners are pretty nice people, too!

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